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Moss Mat

  • $26.00

SuperMoss Instant Green Moss Mats and Runners are made from the same high quality green Mountain Moss as the rest of our creative products. The Moss Mat is a versatile product that can be used in arts & crafts projects, as flowerpot soil toppers, basket liners, and even as patio placemats. They are great for garden parties, window displays, vitrines, and wedding decorations. They are made from a high-quality mesh backing that is durable and easy to cut into any shape. The moss is securely adhered to the backing, making for a re-useable and long-lasting product.

The mat can be applied to any surface with 2-sided adhesive tape, spray, or hot glue. There's no limit to what you can do with your Instant Green! DETAILS Long-lasting Preserved Moss! Cover anything imaginable! Pliable and Easy-to-Tear Mesh Backing Use as table runners, place mats, floor cover, or basket liners!

3ft x 24ft Non-toxic – Safe for people, pets, and plants