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Our Fairytale

Once upon a time, whilst sitting in a high-rise apartment looking over Times Square and Central Park in New York City, where she had been living for six years, Olivia Pate began dreaming. Olivia usually dreamt daily of different things, some absolutely bonkers! But never one that would eventually lead her to leaving the greatest city she had ever known…for good.

As a wee child, Olivia was always in awe of her mother’s ornate decorating skills and keen eye to transforming a regular ole room or table to an absolutely exquisite masterpiece. After attending acting school in the City and singing onstage with her role model, Kenny Chesney, Olivia realized she didn’t just want to act or entertain, but she also wanted to create. She wanted to create and surround herself with the most fantastical of things that reminded her of wonderful lands such as Neverland, Wonderland, Who-ville, and Oz! All the things that inspire her and leave her imagination running atop rainbows and candy colored skies. And that’s when the dream of Olivina began.

With the help of her most darling mother, Sue and Olivia desired to create a most whimsical and fantastical boutique overflowing with unique gifts, colorful home accents and furniture as well as the most joyful, festivated holiday decor in all of the Deep South.  Basically, it’s ALL of our most favorite things in one place. We welcome you to our whimsically, wonderful wonderland and hope you are forever changed after walking through our most splendiferous pink door!