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Perfume Bar Soap in Renaissance Rose

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Renaissance Rose's essential oil blend creates an unforgettably alluring and entrancing scent. The Renaissance marked a revival of art, literature & philosophy; a time when classical learning and enlightened thinking was revered. This scent marks its own rediscovery of the rose, the queen of flowers, combined with the unexpected warmth of smokey oud wood and aromatic cloves, sweetened with a hint of honey nectar.

  • Top Notes: Clove
  • Mid Notes: Oud Wood
  • Base Notes: Honey, Rose

Each Eloquence® Perfume Bar Soap is crafted with intention in the traditional French style with a triple-milled olive oil base to create a smooth and long-lasting soap, free from impurities. These classic, cream-colored bars are formed from natural and organic ingredients that work into a luscious, high-quality lather that leaves your skin clean, soothed, and moisturized.