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Perfume Bar Soap in Gilded Gardenia

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The Gilded Gardenia essential oil blend is a reference to the glimmering golden era of the Sun King in early 18th century France, and the revival of gilding. Delicately hand-applied sheets of gold leaf were applied to furniture and architecture to give it a grande and glowing presence. Enchanted by the magic of gilding, this luxurious scent is a statement of its own, combining the bold florals of gardenia with the sweetness of red jasmine and undertones of earthy musk and spicy clove.

  • Top Notes: Gardenia
  • Mid Notes: Red Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Musk & Clove

Each Eloquence® Perfume Bar Soap is crafted with intention in the traditional French style with a triple-milled olive oil base to create a smooth and long-lasting soap, free from impurities. These classic, cream-colored bars are formed from natural and organic ingredients that work into a luscious, high-quality lather that leaves your skin clean, soothed, and moisturized.