Linen & Body Powder

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Ballerine- Our Ballerine Linen and Body Powder is a fanciful and carefree way to dryer, softer, healthier-looking skin. This lightweight and talcum-free powder is lightweight and keeps your skin and your senses refreshed all day long. 

Tiramani- The Tiramani Linen & Body Powder Talc-Free absorbs moisture, leaving your skin dry, soft and with a unique scent combination you’ll fall in love with.

Shelley Kyle Signature Linen and Body Powder - Talc Free. A good body powder can do wonders for any woman's skin and self-esteem. Our Signature Linen and Body Powder Talc-Free is the perfect lightweight way to absorb moisture while softening and smoothing your skin. This product also leaves you with our signature scent that includes crushed violet leaves, freesia and lemon zest.

Sorella- Our Sorella Linen and Body Powder Talc-Free is perfect for smooth, dry skin and all-day freshness and fragrance. Made with natural ingredients, it is ideal for use on your body, as well as on your bed linens for overnight freshness as well. Out subtle Sorella fragrance combination lingers and refreshes your senses for a calmer mind.

Size: 575 g